Catalan Chef Jaume Brichs to visit Casa Somerset in May 2014.

On our trip to Spain last October we met Catalan Chef, Jaume Brichs.  He took us on a tour of the Boqueria Markedt, a farmers market in Barcelona,  It was an incredible experience.  We learned about salted cod and how in ancient times, the crusaders ate it.  He explained the vegetables and taught us about  eggs and how  they are stamped in Spain with the date they are laid and with a number to trace the egg right to the chicken!  After our tour, we took our purchases to a commercial kitchen where he gave us a two hour, hands on cooking class under his instruction. I learned so much, that I talked him into coming to Kansas City to teach the taste and true foods of Spain.  He has already shipped three Paella pans from Spain to our home and the special rice to make the paella.   We definitely will have paella making classes and dinners while he is here.  He will be here May 8th through the May 18th. Please, if you don’t get … Continue reading