Casa Somerset "Living the Dream"

It is alive now, after 13 years of dreaming and designing.   Friends and Family visit often.   We still have much to do, but since we moved in July of 2009, we have accomplished a lot.  It is a work in progress, and will be the rest of my life. I purchased the land and  a house that was on it those 13 years ago.  I started envisioning the possible results.  In 2007, Christine and I pushed over and burned down the existing house, which is on 6 acres with a six acre lake.   In it’s place we built a 7,000 sq. ft. house with a 1,600 sq ft veranda that wraps around the whole second floor.  Never did I dream that I would have a home with a name.  It really came from my friends and adopted family in Italy, Casa Caponetti. Please come for a visit. We tour daily. We love to sit inside or outside around tables with good food and friends and family. We want to grow the Somerset area to be the Sonoma of … Continue reading

Look for the Water Tower, Paola

Steel beams for the 3rd floor. WOW!!! I can see the tower from 8 miles away. We have now started the loft level ,the third floor. Today, my son Joshua took a picture from the third floor, of the Paola Water tower on Hedge Lane, which is a long ways. These are views that my friends will see when we are finished, as we enjoy each other’s company and vino. I have been checking everything out , Christine only has 8 bathrooms to clean. That is, if I don’t put what she would call a “hillbilly one” out back, (maybe a four seater for the ones who would remember). Maybe I will write an article on outhouses. I have memories of my Grandparent’s house…..:):) The progress on the house is great, Jason and crew are doing great. I met Jason’s brother-in law today at the Overland Park Farmers Market. I already knew him, but did not know not that he was related to Jason. I like to purchase local produce from him. Mike … Continue reading