Casa Somerset "Living the Dream"

It is alive now, after 13 years of dreaming and designing.   Friends and Family visit often.   We still have much to do, but since we moved in July of 2009, we have accomplished a lot.  It is a work in progress, and will be the rest of my life. I purchased the land and  a house that was on it those 13 years ago.  I started envisioning the possible results.  In 2007, Christine and I pushed over and burned down the existing house, which is on 6 acres with a six acre lake.   In it’s place we built a 7,000 sq. ft. house with a 1,600 sq ft veranda that wraps around the whole second floor.  Never did I dream that I would have a home with a name.  It really came from my friends and adopted family in Italy, Casa Caponetti. Please come for a visit. We tour daily. We love to sit inside or outside around tables with good food and friends and family. We want to grow the Somerset area to be the Sonoma of … Continue reading

Casa Somerset, the hideaway

  Looking over Casa Somerset on a Friday evening. Just floating on the lake with the one you love, in a paddle boat with a bottle of wine.  The storm is over for now, but it is so peaceful.    Christine and I are sharing a bottle of wine and sitting on the veranda. Only 20 minutes from Overland Park. Somerset Ridge Winery is just a mile away. Louisburg Cidermill is the same. 4 D acres EMU farm is a mile away. It is so relaxing here. There will be 600 vines tomorow planted across the road. This is very quickly becoming the Napa of Kansas. We love to show off our home. Please call for tour.  913-557-9288 Bring a bottle of vino and sit on  the veranda with us to enjoy the surroundings.   … Continue reading

Bicerin Chocolata or Chocolata Bicchiere

Whatever they call it, it is Great, and it is real CHOCOLATE. I remember being in Turin, Italy with Jasper Mirabile at the oldest coffee shop in the world having our bicerin. Turin (Torino) is the capital of Piedmonte, and where the winter Olympics were held. The coffee shop was founded in 1760. WOW!! There you will see people drinking this delightful concoction in a ” little glass ” which is what bicerin means. I love chocolate. It is just about my favorite food. Jasper made fun of me long after we came home about my chocolate habit. Bicerin is a mixture of expresso coffee, hot chocolate and cream. We made this last week for our friends at Casa Somerset. Jasper dropped by and the cooking began. Bicerin was the last item, but it sure ended it on a good note. He is the # 1 Chef in KC. Chocolata Bicchiere 1 cup milk 1/2 c. heavy cream 1 c. semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 c. strong black coffee or espresso 1/2 c. flavored liqueur … Continue reading

Pizza Bella , Kansas City

As you can see, Christine is enjoying pizza at Pizza Bella. We took the family there after Christmas. Leonard Mirabile of Jasper’s Restaurant told us about this restaurant, and his brother Jasper, Christine, and I have eaten there before. Leonard raved about it. Pizza Bella is close to pizza from Italy. I was reading about others opinions / reviews on They have different antipasta dishes. The brussel sprouts, with cranberries is over the top. This last trip they had new dish, roasted red cabbage and beet salad. It was so good, you have to try this one. I am putting it on one of my favorite dishes to cook at Casa Somerset. The pizzas are cooked in just minutes, like in Italy. They have no stoves there, everything is done in their amazing wood-fired ovens. The taste from the red hot coals is in the food. Pizza Bella is at 18th and Baltimore in Kansas City. Google it and read the reviews, you will rush to eat at this unique pizza house … Continue reading

Feline Friends

Christmas is over, but for Figero and Raphael it is still going on. They took residence in a Christmas wreath as we were trying to take them down. We believe they are allowing us to stay at Casa Somerset with them. They run the house and greet all that come hoping they are bringing food to them. Raphael loves cheese…. in case you are coming over!   … Continue reading