Pates,Terrines and Galantines

You may not know it, but I have been attending school for the past few semesters.  These are some of the things I learned to prepare this semester at the Johnson County Community College culinary program. One of the best in the nation. Pates and Terrines have a long illustrious history. They were mentioned in documents dating back to 75 b.c.   I have learned to debone a chicken and not tear or break the skin so as to make a galantine. This is done by putting meat back in the skin and rolling and poaching it in chicken broth. This is a forcemeat production. I look so forward to every class. I will bring this knowledge and skill to the Casa Somerset B&B for our overnight guests. … Continue reading

“World’s Largest Garlic Festival”

Gilroy, California July 24th I have been wanting to go to this festival since I did a report at my culinary class on garlic at JCCC. Christine convinced me this was the year.  We decided to go to California for Christine’s birthday.  Our trip started in Sacramento, where we stayed with friends Thursday night.  On Friday we drove to Gilroy, which was not easy.  The traffic near the San Francisco Bay area was awful!  Fortunately, Christine drove.  We met a couple of Christine’s friends on Saturday.  She went to school with Marguerite, and her friend Steve came too.  They were not as crazy or adventurous  as we were about eating. We started with Garlic ice cream, Christine didn’t care for it, but I went for seconds.   The escargot were great, but no one else had any.   You could smell the garlic as you arrived, actually, you could smell the garlic even when you were miles away from the festival!!!   The thing that was really great was that 10% of the people from Gilroy volunteered to work this … Continue reading

We B Smokin’

Terry has asked me many times to come out and cook with him, he says he will be glad to teach me a few things. I will make this happen soon. He has been on Food TV. He is now world famous. I didn’t know Terry was so famous ’til I read today’s Miami County Republic newspaper. He just got voted into the top ten restaurants that people fly into to eat in the USA. They came from Florida to present this award. He is one of the Top 10 fly in restaurants in the nation. WOW!!!! Look at this web sight. Terry and I have been friends for 8 years, since he came to Paola and I fell in love with his bbq beans. The are to die for!!! I have had bbq beans many places, but never as good as these. You have to fly in or drive in to taste them. It is a family affair. His wife Gloria, I think is the one really in charge. His Daughter Shannon is … Continue reading