Bella "the beautiful"

Well, we have added to our little family.  First there was Mike and Christine.  Then, last year we added  Rafael and Figaro, our sweet, but admittedly spoiled cats!  The boys have a BIG surprise coming.

Last weekend Mike and I traveled out to DeSoto and found our newest member.  Meet Bella, a St. Bernard puppy.  Bella will be ready to leave her mama in about 10 days.  She is 5 weeks old in these pictures.

Mike used to raise St. Bernard’s more than 30 years ago.  Since I have known him, he has always spoken lovingly about his dogs.  Now that he is retired and the weather has finally turned warm, it is time to add a dog to the mix.

This will definitely be Mike’s dog.  It was so much fun watching him when we drove up to see the puppies.  The family has a lovely home and a big yard.  We got out of the car and there were little fuzzball dogs toddling around everywhere!  Mike was unusually quiet (yes, I said quiet) and watched each puppy.  He eliminated them one by one.  Finally we got down to just two… a male and a female.  I really thought he would pick the male as he was the larger of the two.  But, he sat in a lawn chair and held each one for some time… finally choosing the female.  Bella.  The beautiful.


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