Kansas City Food Circle Expo

Saturday April 3rd in Independence, Missouri.

We attended the Kansas City Food Circle Exp on Saturday, and there were many small producers there. Bad Seed Farms, 4 D Acres, Beau Solais, and Schenker Farms are pictured but there were more. We bought organic sweet potatoes and leaf lettuce for Easter dinner. We purchased our Easter ham from Schenker Farms which is in McCune, KS. We also picked up a few plants for our garden this year. There was more information than one could absorb in one day. This organization does a great job promoting the small grower.

This year, try to make friends with several local, small producers and make at least a weekly visit to the farmers market in your area.   If we don’t support them, they will go away and we will only have large corporations to buy tasteless products.  Buy Local.



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